Happy Saturday!

It’s a beautiful day on Topsail Island! Happy Saturday! 😍


Happy Earth Day!

Wishing everyone a Happy Earth Day from Topsail Beach, North Carolina.

Fractured Prune Doughnuts

Fractured Prune Doughnuts is today’s featured business on Topsail Island. Fractured Prune is known for their specialty hot hand-dipped doughnuts. Fractured Prune is located at 303 South Topsail Drive in Surf City. It’s a favorite stop for locals and tourists. 😀 🍩

Fundraising Event on Topsail Island for Roots of Recovery

Topsail Life LLC is happy to support and promote the fundraising event this evening for Roots of Recovery. The event will include dinner, music, and a silent auction at the Assembly Building in Topsail Beach, NC. There is a lot of interest in this event and tickets are sold out.

Ria Harris, a resident on Topsail Island, organized and managed this important fundraiser. Thank you, Ria, sponsors, and everyone who helped make this event possible.

Below are flyers with more information on the Fundraiser and Roots of Recovery. (Rootsofrecovery.org)

Payton Andrews, owner of Topsail Life LLC, donated an artistic hand-crafted necklace for the silent auction. The Boho style necklace is one-of-a-kind and approximately 6 ft. in length. It is made with copper wire, gemstones, shells, and mermaid charms.

Happy Easter and Welcome Back!

It was a beautiful weekend on Topsail Island. It was good to see the tourists coming back and having fun. 😀🌷

Pelican’s Snowballs

The weather is warming up! It’s time for snowballs at Pelican’s Snowballs! 😀 Yummy!