Happy Labor Day!

A beautiful ending to a lovely Labor Day Weekend on Topsail Island.


Snow Factory

Our featured business this week is the Snow Factory. The Snow Factory specializes in Tai Ice Cream, which is mixed and topped with ingredients of your choice. In addition to watching your ice cream being made, customers are welcome to leave messages on post-it notes. The Snow Factory is located on Topsail Island at 124 N. New River Drive in Surf City.

Happy Earth Day!

Wishing everyone a Happy Earth Day from Topsail Beach, North Carolina.

Gorgeous Day on Topsail

The warmer weather is finally back, although cooler temperatures will return soon. Regardless, it’s a gorgeous day to be on Topsail Island!

Quarter Moon

A favorite place for nightlife in Topsail Beach is Quarter Moon, located at 708 S. Anderson Boulevard. Doug McFarland performed soulful acoustic melodies by firelight this evening. Thank you, Doug, and Quarter Moon!

Fractured Prune Doughnuts

Fractured Prune Doughnuts is today’s featured business on Topsail Island. Fractured Prune is known for their specialty hot hand-dipped doughnuts. Fractured Prune is located at 303 South Topsail Drive in Surf City. It’s a favorite stop for locals and tourists. 😀 🍩

Wacky Weather on Topsail

It was an interesting weekend with the changing temperatures. Friday afternoon was warm and people were enjoying the beach. It felt as if summer was close by. Children were laughing, playing, and building sand castles. People were fishing and putting up tents.

Then Saturday afternoon, the rain started and it turned cold in the evening. It was still chilly today and by 6:00pm this evening, I didn’t see anyone on Topsail Beach. Here’s to warmer weather soon! 😀

Kites on Topsail

It was another beautiful day! It’s nice to see people having fun and flying kites.

Happy Easter and Welcome Back!

It was a beautiful weekend on Topsail Island. It was good to see the tourists coming back and having fun. 😀🌷

Topsail Beach Skating Rink & Sonny’s Snack and Craft Shop

One of the most iconic attractions (with the sweetest history) on Topsail Island is the Topsail Beach Skating Rink. The Skating Rink is definitely one of my favorite places to go with friends and family. Doris and Sonny Jenkins built in the rink in 1964. Thousands of people have been loving it ever since. The rink is open from 7-10pm (and other times for scheduled parties). My nine year-old son, Gage, and I enjoyed skating earlier this week. We had the privilege of seeing Doris Jenkins and the disco ball lights! You can learn more about the Skating Rink here:

Topsail Beach Skating Rink

I also recommend Sonny’s Snack and Craft Shop located below the Skating Rink. Dan Arnold manages the shop. He has done a fantastic job of remodeling the shop and filling it with delicious treats and gorgeous crafts.

Be sure to visit both businesses when you’re on the island and visit them on FaceBook too.