Happy Christmas Eve! 🎄

Sending love to all with memories of snow on Topsail Beach, NC (January 4th, 2018)


Dolphins near Topsail Island, NC 🐬😍

Enjoying life while watching Dolphins… Can it get any better than this? Have a lovely day, friends! 😉❤️✨

Wacky Weather on Topsail

It was an interesting weekend with the changing temperatures. Friday afternoon was warm and people were enjoying the beach. It felt as if summer was close by. Children were laughing, playing, and building sand castles. People were fishing and putting up tents.

Then Saturday afternoon, the rain started and it turned cold in the evening. It was still chilly today and by 6:00pm this evening, I didn’t see anyone on Topsail Beach. Here’s to warmer weather soon! 😀

Treasures on the Shore

There were a good amount of shells on the beach yesterday.

Here are a few pictures of shells and stones that I found while walking on the beach.