Dolphins near Topsail Island, NC 🐬😍

Enjoying life while watching Dolphins... Can it get any better than this? Have a lovely day, friends! 😉❤️✨

Memorial Weekend on Topsail Island

There was an air of excitement on Topsail Island this past weekend. Happy kids and relaxed adults enjoyed the beach, ocean, and weather (before the rain arrived on Memorial Day). It was a beautiful experience to see so many people enjoying life. I realize more and more how much I love living here. I also … Continue reading Memorial Weekend on Topsail Island

Snow Factory

Our featured business this week is the Snow Factory. The Snow Factory specializes in Tai Ice Cream, which is mixed and topped with ingredients of your choice. In addition to watching your ice cream being made, customers are welcome to leave messages on post-it notes. The Snow Factory is located on Topsail Island at 124 … Continue reading Snow Factory